Data Logger

The SOFREL LX range is composed of Data Loggers specifically designed for water networks. Waterproof, offering autonomy of up to ten years thanks to their high-capacity lithium battery, and equipped with a high performance 2G/3G antenna, LX Data Loggers are compatible with the instrumentation present in water networks.
Very simple to implement and easy to operate thanks to their SOFREL PCWin2 and WEB LS centralisation software programs, LX Data Loggers are also open to all SCADA central stations on the market and third-party applications of the major water operators.

With functions entirely dedicated to water, the SOFREL LS range offers a complete solution for remote reading, district metering or dynamic management of pressure levels in drinking water distribution networks.

The SOFREL LT range enables contract operators to meet their self monitoring obligations and to establish continuous diagnostics for their waste water network.

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